Colorful Amphora Earrings

Diamonds, Rubies, Blue Sapphires, Emeralds Pearls 14K Rose Gold Clip-On Earrings

Unique fashion design clip-on earrings with planter shape in 14K rose gold structure mounted at the top with 8.29 ct of rubies, emeralds and blue sapphires that representing the flowers into the pot and at the bottom there are 6.60 g of white pearls that representing the pot. In the middle there are 0.29 ct of little diamonds that representing the handles of the pot. Diamonds 0.29 ct Rubies, Emeralds and Blue Sapphireas 8.29 ct Pearls 6.60 g / 13 mm Total Weight 19.20 g R.F + ooie Length 31 mm Diameter 24 mm